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Planning for the future is a very personal process for yourself and your family. It involves looking closely at the things you believe in, how you feel about your family's inheritance, how you want to accomplish your business transition goals, and how to build your legacy.

The thing I enjoy most about working in this field is the sense of freedom and accomplishment clients feel when they realize how much they can influence and impact not only their children and heirs, but their community as a whole.

Wealth Optimization Process
Most individuals realize the importance of estate planning but find the process confusing and complex. They fear losing control of their assets, worry about the impact of estate taxes and agonize over the effects their decisions will have on their descendants including how much to leave to each family member and when to make the proceeds available.

I have developed a process to help you with those concerns and more. I coordinate the efforts of your advisors and when necessary collaborate with a “virtual” team of experts throughout the country that are drawn from specialists in their field to supplement your current advisory team. By creating this "virtual" team we not only remove the bias that may be present from each advisor but ensure you get the best plan possible, by offering:

  • A wealth optimization process (financial independence, family legacy, social capital) that focuses first on what you value, instead of beginning with the value of what you own
  • No preconceived beliefs or dynamics as to what your plan should say
  • A client-centered process to ensure you remain in control
  • The use of questionnaires, interviews and open-ended discussions to transform from a hesitancy to excitement with the process
  • The maintenance of sufficient resources to protect your financial security and maintain your desired lifestyle
  • Helping to map out the kind of plan you want in a cost efficient and timely manner
  • A detailed review of any current plans
  • The strength of a multi-disciplinary team
  • The minimization of estate taxes and court costs
  • Strategies utilizing wills and trusts to help achieve your goals
  • Establishing charitable giving programs
  • Nurturing motivation through asset distribution so family members remain productive citizens
  • 30 years of experience assisting wealthy individuals and families

And because the world and our lives do not remain static, I’ll remain in contact with regular meetings to ensure your ever-changing circumstances are considered in your estate plan.

Business Transition Process
A majority of closely held and family owned businesses will change hands within the next one to ten years. Unfortunately most of these owners have not taken active steps to insure they can smoothly transition out of ownership when they are ready. Some owners are simply too busy working in their businesses to take time out to work on their transitions. Some owners are unsure of how to begin Business Transition Planning or even what it is. They have no idea where to begin or who to turn to—at least until now.

An appropriate Business Transition Plan can mean millions of dollars to the business owner when they ultimately leave their business. How do they avoid costly mistakes before, during and after the actual transfer? How do they minimize their time, cash flow, income and transfer tax costs? By engaging in a proven Business Transition Planning process that they control.

I have developed a Seven Step Business Transition Planning Process. My clients will learn:

  • The importance of setting transition objectives.
  • Techniques for valuing the business. Why value does not equal price.
  • How to protect the business from taxes and creditors.
  • How to promote “value drivers” to enhance the value of the business.
  • How to preserve the integrity of the business they created. The benefits and pit falls of third party sales.
  • How to transfer the business to key employees or family members . . . even when they have no money.
  • Contingency planning for the unforeseen.
  • Personal financial and estate planning goals as they relate to the Business Transition Plan.

Finally, the Business Transition Planning process is a multidisciplinary process, designed to create a tailored Transition Plan for the business owner while minimizing the cost and time to the owner. Choosing a team of advisors who have the knowledge and skill to bring to bear throughout the Transition Plan – before, during and after – is critical to success.

The Northwestern Mutual Difference

We make plans for people, not just money. So no matter your goals, we have access to top rated products and services to help you meet each one.

  • Best Life Insurance Company ranked by NerdWallet, 2019 to 20201
  • AAA, Aaa, and AA+ the highest financial strength ratings of any life insurer from all four major rating agencies2
  • Top 10 U.S. Independent Investment Broker-Dealers3
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2Northwestern Mutual continues to have the highest financial strength ratings awarded to any U.S. life insurer by all four of the major rating agencies: A.M. Best Company, A++ (highest), April 2020; Fitch Ratings, AAA (highest), August 2020; Moody’s Investors Service, Aaa (highest), December 2020; S&P Global Ratings, AA+ (second highest), June 2020. Third-party ratings are subject to change. Ratings are for The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company and Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Company.

3Measured by 2020 total revenues. Ranking for Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC. Sources: Financial Advisor magazine and Investment News, April 2021.

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